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Do you know that you may have an unseen danger lurking in your home? You may have dust mites and they can be dangerous to you and your family. You can take care of dust mites, however, with professional mattress cleaning.

We have long heard about the existence of dust mites. However, given that they are about 2.5mm in length and not visible to the naked eye, they are not something we often think about when we go to sleep at night after a long day at work or school. The thought of utilising mattress cleaning services to overcome this problem is not one that is usually thought about.

However, the truth is that dust mites, and dust mite waste in particular, are one of the biggest triggers for asthmatic and allergic reactions, which can potentially lead to many a sleepless night for your household. This is where the benefits of our services in mattress cleaning, for Sydney clients, is of the utmost importance.

Mites can live on carpets, pillows, upholstered furniture, blankets, mattresses, in the air handling system, etc, with over 7,000 of them being able to fit on a fingernail alone. When you consider the size of your mattress, that is a lot of dust mites!

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Fortunately, using a professional service for mattress cleaning can help to take care of this unseen danger that is lurking beneath your mattress. Utilising our services can help to alleviate symptoms in those suffering from asthma or allergies.

With each dust mite producing 200 times its weight in waste, dust mites will only continue to grow in your bedding, and potentially worsening allergic and asthmatic reactions.

Let Carpet Cleaners R Us take care of the unseen danger with our great value deals on mattress cleaning. Call 1300 651 712 now.

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